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rushcard prepaid visa card

Login to the My Rushcard Prepaid Visa Card and make your Rush Credit Card payments online. Rush Credit Card issued by the Meta bank.
Rush Card credit card can be used at everywhere where the visa is accepted. So, in this guide, you can learn how you can make RushCard Prepaid Visa Card payments.

It is a Prepaid Visa Card that allows you to shop everywhere where the visa is accepted. Also, the cardholders can get their hard earned money anywhere. Also, overseas paying rate also low as only 3% as a foreign transaction fee.

Benefits of Payment on Time:

You can easily take advantage if you have done your payments on time. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Improve Credit Scone
  • Get Lower Insurance rates
  • Keep Monthly Payments Low
  • Enjoy Lower Interest Rates
  • To avoid Late Fee Charges

Disadvantages or Charges of Late Payment:

If you don’t make your payments on time. You may have to take some charges from the Rush prepaid card.

  • Descend Credit Scone
  • Higher Interest Rates
  • Late fee charges
  • Get higher Insurance rates

The rush debit card provides its customers a safe portal where the cardholders make their payments online or offline. If you haven’t created your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card then “Apply for Rushcard ” to enjoy.

RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Payment Online:

My Rush Card credit card allows their customers to make their payment online. The online banking system by the Rush Card credit card allows its cardholders to access their accounts 24×7. Once you logged into your account, you can easily make your payments So, here comes:

How To Login

In order to make payments, you have to log into your account. Follow these simple steps to logged in

Step -1 Access the Homepage – You Navigate to the Login Page

In this step, you have to access the homepage( Then you navigate to the login page.

Step -2 Fill your Username & Password

Now, you have to fill your username and password in order to log into your account. Once you logged in you see your account dashboard.

If you forget your Username and Password?

Don’t worry if you forget your username and password. Follow these steps to recover your
RushCard Prepaid Visa Card username and password.

Step -1 Access the Forget Username & Password Page

You need to open the login page beneath the login button you see Forget Username & Password. Click on that.

Step -2 Fill your Details.

Now, you have to fill some of your My Rushcard credit card information. You will be asked for:

  • Card Number
  • CVV
  • Expiration Date
  • Social Security Number (SSN)

Step -3 Select your New Username or Password

After clicking the next button, if your provided information is correct then you allowed to select your new username and Password.

Payment by using PC or Web Browser

Once you logged in to your My rushcard Prepaid Visa Card you can easily make your payments if you’re using PC OR Web browser. The only thing that you required is that your PC will be up to date also if you are using the browser. Your browser also up-to-date. In order to make a secure payment.

Payment by Using Mobile App

Download the My RushCard Prepaid Visa Card from the Play store if you’re using android. If you’re using iPhone then access this application through the Apple Store. You can easily make your payments through mobile. It doesn’t require any specific place through you make payment. You can make your payments anywhere that you want. But you need an Internet Connection for that.

RushCard Prepaid Visa Card payment By Using Online Banking

Rush prepaid card provides its cardholders to make their payments by using the online banking system. In order to make a payment, you need to login into a bank account. After login, you can easily make your payments.

Other Payment Options by My

So, here are the more options though you can easily make your payments. In above section, we discuss the almost all the online methods to make payment online. Now we discuss some of the offline methods.

Rush credit card Payment via Phone

Forget all of the above online methods if you’re using this offline method to make payments. This method is so efficient because you need to call their customer service center where he asks you some of your details. Then he can make payments. You need to call at:

1-866-RUSHCARD (866-787-4227)

Rush Card credit card Payment through Western Union Quick Collect

You can also make your payments by using WALNUT service. By using this method you can easily make your payments by using Western Union Quick Collect. The only thing that you required is to go to your nearest Western Union shop and get cash in hand. You need the code city WALNUT code to make your payments.

Rush prepaid card Payment through Wire Transfer

You can also make your payment by using the bank wire system. In order to do that, you need to go to your bank and provide your My RushCard Prepaid Visa Card details that they asked. THey make payments.

Rush debit card Payment BY Mail

If you’re a resident of the United States of America you need to email your money at the following address:

PO Box 42482
Cincinnati, OH 45242

To make your payment through the mail.

Direct Payment To Bank

You can make direct payment to your bank by visiting the nearest bank near you.


Now, that all depends on you how you want to make your payments. I almost desirable the all methods to make My RushCard Prepaid Visa Card payments. Pick up the most efficient method which you like.


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